Occupational Health & Safety Services

Salvation Safety’s comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Services provides businesses with the professional training, support, and knowledge needed to maintain compliance and ensure workplace safety. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality on-site consulting and services to meet your specific needs and help you increase productivity, decrease risks, and minimize costs.

Our Occupational Health & Safety Consulting Services

Occupational health and safety services can be invaluable to your organization. In a broad sense — but carried out in manifold ways — we help you plan, develop, and execute to maintain occupational health and safety compliance.

For those who already have OSHA programs in place, our occupational health and safety services can minimize any illnesses or injuries that may occur by systematically evaluating them. After our assessments by trained and certified occupational health consultants, we provide our recommendations on how well your current program is working and what could be improved.

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A compliance auditor looking over the company data to make sure everything is in compliance

OSHA Compliance & Training

Through our OSHA safety compliance training model, we help you avoid costly violations. Plus, we engage your personnel, empower them, and improve their morale.

Construction worker with gloves on and holding a helmet to demonstrate occupational health and safety

On-Site Safety Compliance and Oversight

The construction industry is increasingly having consultants provide full-time safety oversight. Whether you need a full-time solution or consultation, our expertise reduces your risk.

Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

We provide confined space rescue as a service. Whether workers have become trapped in storage tanks, silos, underground vaults, or any other confined space, we can bring them to safety.

Fall Protection

Accident Investigation

Our team determines the root cause of an accident through an intensive scientific and academic analysis. The result is valuable corrective advice.

Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Attendant Services

Our confined space attendants are trained to know the hazards and their behavioral effects. We stay updated on individuals who are authorized to enter, observe the area, keeping track of what is going on inside and outside the confined space. We know how to monitor the job in a compliant manner and to initiate alarms if an emergency arises.


Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Through a standardized job safety analysis (JSA), we reduce your risk of worker injury by identifying hazards of individual tasks.


Confined Space Rescue Training

To know you have personnel who are ready for emergencies, you need comprehensive, hands-on training.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene

Our industrial hygiene technicians and certified industrial hygienists (CIH) are known for their diligence and reliability. We offer an industry-leading capacity to identify your workplace hazards and offer workable solutions.

While we are often praised for our speed and broad competence, perhaps the main reason Salvation Safety is growing so fast is our communication. We believe that active listening and conveying our progress are central to successful occupational health and safety consulting services.

Fundamentally, OSHA compliance is important to your business. You need to know that these services are entrusted to the right provider. Salvation Safety offers broad public-sector and private-sector experience, having delivered occupational health services in extremely complex settings. Plus, we can meet the needs of all stakeholders throughout the process.

Industries We Serve

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Power Plants

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Oil & Gas

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