Industrial Hygiene Services

There are numerous threats to human health and safety in the workplace. Industrial hygiene services reduce your risk through planning, prevention, identification, assessment, and implementation of standardized controls. By hiring strong industrial hygiene consultants, you can assess hazard exposure, provide cleanup solutions when hazards are discovered, and safeguard your employees’ health and wellness.

Our Industrial Hygiene and Consulting Services

Whether organizations are private or public, they have to protect worker safety and health to stay compliant. To ensure workplaces are safe, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) establishes and enforces standards, as built into its regulations. The work of an industrial hygienist assists with OSHA concerns: this professional monitors, evaluates, and recommends changes that can better align your company with requirements.

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A woman in a safety vest conducting a noise survey

Noise Surveys

Our experienced and certified industrial hygienists determine which workers are exposed and how to track noise through these industrial hygiene services. We can determine particularly powerful noise sources and calculate time-weighted average (TWA) noise exposures.

A man with specialized machinery conducting personal air monitoring

Personal Air Monitoring

To determine what worker air-quality protections might be needed, you must measure airborne contaminants through industrial hygiene monitoring. Our personal air monitoring services monitor high-risk workers (those nearest the source); if they are not significantly exposed, the rest of your staff is most likely safe.

Two men in safety vests reviewing why industrial hygiene is important for a business

Why is Industrial Hygiene Important to Your Business?

Through tracking and studying these hazards, along with developing workable solutions to mitigate risk through a system of controls, companies can use industrial hygiene to their benefit. Hazards can harm your efficiency and productivity. They can result in worker injury or death.

Choosing the Best Industrial Hygiene Company

Since industrial hygiene is such a critical element of your workplace, you want to know you are partnering with the right service provider. The strength of our industrial hygiene company truly is our people. From our certified industrial hygienist (CIH) to our industrial hygiene technician and safety professionals, we have a team with deep expertise and experience.

We have available a certified industrial hygienist with decades in the role. Having operated in a wide variety of environments in the public and private sectors, we know how to approach any industrial, institutional, or commercial setting.

Often our industrial hygiene projects are complex. We have a track record of successfully coordinating the planning and communications of these projects for highly sophisticated organizations. We can meet the needs of corporate management, site management, employees, and unions.

Work with an industrial hygiene services partner that will consistently communicate its progress on your behalf.

Industries We Serve

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Power Plants

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Oil & Gas

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Renewable Energy

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