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Salvation Safety Offers Successful Solutions for Workplace Safety

Salvation Safety, a division of Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc.(AOTC), is a safety services company specializing in Health & Safety Services, Training, Compliance, and Consulting for the Utility and Power Generation sector. We provide professional, on-site safety solutions to private, commercial, industrial, municipal, and federal government clients.

We focus on mitigating risks and protecting businesses and employees in the power plant, oil and gas, renewable energy, and steel manufacturing industries. From confined space training and industrial hygiene to HAZWOPER and confined space training, we cover all bases to ensure you’re well equipped and secure. And our team of professionals provides the highest quality of service and customized plans to meet your business needs. Discover how our proactive solutions can help you.

Proactive Safety Services Designed to Keep You Protected

We utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the health & safety solutions you need. We effectively handle small jobs and large-scale, complex, multi-phase projects from the public to the private sector. No matter the size of your problem, we have you covered.

Our Safety Training, Consulting, and Compliance Services

Construction worker with gloves on and holding a helmet to demonstrate occupational health and safety

Occupational Health & Safety

Our Occupational Health & Safety services assist clients in protecting their main assets —their employees and their property. Our safety services company provides exposure assessments that incorporate sound quality assurance practices and systematic evaluation of health risks while encouraging innovation to minimize the duplication of resources.

A woman performing safety training in a room full of attendees

Safety Training

Our safety training is designed to ensure your employees understand key safety and compliance competencies essential to your organization's operations. After an initial assessment or interview, we will design training programs and classes that meet site-specific needs, training program audiences, schedule, and consider any constraints.

Salvation Safety Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene

Our industrial hygiene professionals are highly trained and equipped to identify and evaluate safety hazards on diverse job sites. Our safety services company incorporates sound quality assurance practices and systematic evaluation of health risks to develop personalized programs considering OSHA requirements, health and safety standards, and more.

Our Professional Services

A certified safety manager examining a construction to see if it matches the blueprint

Certified Site Safety Managers

As dedicated, experienced safety leaders, our Certified Site Safety Managers are proficient in investigating and analyzing workplace hazards and accidents to develop targeted, cost-effective solutions for your site. With comprehensive knowledge of OSHA requirements and a strong ability to create and maintain a culture of safety, you can trust us with your site safety management needs.

Safety Coordinators Salvation Safety

Site Safety Coordinators

Our Site Safety Coordinators provide a wide range of professional services in tackling safety issues specific to your site. These include but are not limited to creating and implementing safety plans, conducting safety observation reports, educating employees, investigating accidents, and maintaining proper documentation of your safety procedures, accidents, and related events.

A compliance auditor looking over the company data to make sure everything is in compliance

Compliance Auditors

Leveraging industry expertise and meticulous attention to detail, our Compliance Auditors thoroughly review and analyze your company’s policies and operational procedures to identify any risk factors that could result in the violation of federal or state laws and regulations. We take a proactive approach and provide guidance on how to detect risks in the future — and how to resolve them.

Safety Instructors Salvation Safety

Safety Instructors

Our Safety Instructors are laser-focused on the health, safety, and success of your employees and organization. Through strong communication skills and in-depth knowledge of safety and compliance, they deliver training programs and classes that empower your workers to give them the confidence to stay safe. Other benefits of bringing in our Safety Instructors can include improvements in morale, motivation, and production.

A confined space rescue responder climbing through a confined space

Confined Space Rescue Responders

We have a powerful team of Confined Space Rescue Responders that provide rescue services and rescue equipment in the event of a confined space emergency involving your workers. Our team is highly capable and provides emergency retrieval systems, personal protection equipment (PPE), supplied air units, and medical trauma kits in IDHL atmospheres.

A confined space rescue attendant standing by to provide critical support services

Confined Space Rescue Attendants

In collaboration with our Confined Space Rescue Responders, our Confined Space Rescue Attendants provide critical support services in the event of an emergency. Our attendants are trained to recognize potential hazards, their effects, and when to call for an evacuation.

Industries We Serve

Power plants standing next to the water in Florida

Power Plants

Pipes and machinery required for oil and gas production

Oil & Gas

Solar panels using renewable energy from the sun

Renewable Energy

The steel and manufacturing industry forging materials in high-heat

Steel & Manufacturing