Scaffold Training
for the Power Generation Sector

As a veteran-owned division of Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc. (AOTC), Salvation Safety provides a multitude of on-site safety solutions for businesses operating within the oil and gas, renewable energy, and power generation sector.

Included among our many services is OSHA scaffold training, which is designed to help your staff safely mitigate the risks associated with using scaffolding on job sites.

Scaffolding training is a necessity for all entities within the power generation industry, as these temporary structures are frequently erected in order to make repairs, renovate structures, etc.
Scaffolding Training

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On-Site, OSHA-Certified Scaffolding Safety Training

Salvation Safety makes obtaining scaffolding training easy and seamless by offering on-site services. When you schedule scaffolding competent person training and other OSHA-certified services, we send our expert safety team to your facility or job site.

This eliminates the need to pay for travel and other expenses for employees while simultaneously minimizing the disruption to business operations.

More importantly, scaffold training from Salvation Safety will equip your personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely utilize temporary structures to operate at height. Upon completing Salvation Safety’s OSHA-certified course, personnel will receive a scaffold certification.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of scaffolding training or are ready to schedule your on-site session, contact Salvation Safety today. We look forward to helping you work more safely and efficiently.

Scaffolding Training FAQs

While Salvation Safety wants to become your preferred partner for on-site OSHA-certified scaffolding training, we also want to ensure that we are a resource to power generation professionals so they can create safe working environments for their staff.
With that goal in mind, we have outlined several frequently asked questions and answers below.

  • What Is Scaffolding Training?

    The term “scaffolding training” refers to any formal training program that is designed to teach key employees how to safely utilize scaffolding. Depending on the specific scope of the training course, the employees may also receive training on inspecting scaffolding for defects, repairing scaffolding, etc. 

    Those seeking to be certified as a scaffolding competent person will also need to be trained in erecting, moving, and disassembling these temporary structures.

    Upon completion of Salvation Safety’s on-site OSHA-certified scaffolding training course, employees will participate in a multiple-choice examination. The length of the exam will vary depending on which specific training course they participated in. 

    Employees that receive a passing score will earn their scaffold certification, indicating that they have acquired the necessary skills to safely use temporary scaffolding structures.

  • Does OSHA Require Scaffolding Training?

    OSHA requires every employee that will be using scaffolding to undergo training. In addition, employers are mandated to have at least one staff member who has completed scaffolding competent person training provide instruction to other personnel. 

    During the training, the “competent person” must train employees to identify common hazards associated with various types of scaffolding. This person should also train them to minimize those hazards by utilizing established safety best practices.

    According to OSHA, a qualified or competent person is either someone who possesses a recognized certificate or degree or an individual who has extensive documented experience and training on the subject matter.

    Organizations operating within the power generation sector are also required to establish a scaffold safety program (SSP). The specific provisions of the program are up to the employer. However, the SSP must establish clear guidelines for the safe use of scaffolding and address the issue of employee training.

  • When Do You Renew OSHA Scaffolding Training?

    OSHA scaffolding training certifications require an annual refresher in order to keep them current. If an employer fails to maintain certifications, then employees may have to retake the scaffolding training course.

    Keeping all certifications up to date is not only important for OSHA compliance purposes, but it also ensures that employees stay apprised of the latest safety regulations and best practices. 

    During each refresher course, employees will be educated on new OSHA requirements and other pertinent information that may have changed since the training session.

    Recertification serves the purpose of reinforcing training knowledge as well. Even the most safety-conscious employees can benefit from receiving additional scaffolding training.

  • What Training Is Required for Scaffolding?

    OSHA requires every employee that will use or erect scaffolding to undergo specific training. During the training course, employees will be educated on the common risks associated with the use of scaffolding. In addition, they will receive training on inspecting scaffolding in order to detect any structural deficiencies or safety concerns.

    Some of the risks associated with the use of scaffolding include working in tight spaces, navigating complex scaffolding design frameworks, and handling potentially dangerous chemical substances at elevated heights. 

    Salvation Safety’s on-site scaffolding training is designed to help employees better understand these hazards while also mitigating the risk of workplace injury.

  • What Is a Scaffold Competent Person?

    A scaffold competent person is an individual that has received comprehensive training on the use, construction, inspection, and maintenance of scaffolding. These individuals are often the point of contact for all scaffolding-related concerns on a job site.

    In addition, a scaffold competent person is authorized by OSHA to administer training to employees who will use scaffolding during the course of their work responsibilities. Scaffold competent persons are generally tasked with developing or assisting in the creation of the SSP.

  • What Are the Training Requirements for a Competent Person for Scaffolding?

    Individuals seeking certification as a scaffolding competent person will need to undergo more comprehensive training. 

    Typically, these professionals must take both scaffolding erector training and courses focused on inspecting/maintaining temporary scaffolding structures. This is because scaffolding competent persons are often tasked with overseeing the erecting, disassembly, and maintenance of scaffolding structures at job sites.

    Employing at least one scaffolding competent person can significantly improve a company’s SSP and reduce the risk of workplace injury.

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