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Salvation Safety and its parent company, Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc. (AOTC), have quickly become one of the preferred compliance and training providers in the Southeast United States.

Our veteran-owned, Florida-based company strives to deliver maximum value to our clients by providing OSHA-compliant, on-site training services.

Our experienced instructors can respond to your facility or job site and certify your staff in a variety of OSHA-required subjects, including the GHS Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom GHS). These services are designed to ensure that your team understands how to identify hazardous chemicals and interpret the information provided via safety data sheets (SDSs), substance labels, and symbols.

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On-Site HazCom/GHS Training and Certification

What Is HAZWOPER TrainingWhen potentially dangerous substances are present in the workplace, it’s vital that your staff receives training on GHS hazard communication. Often referred to as HazCom GHS, this standard requires chemical manufacturers to create and disseminate hazard information about their products.

Additionally, the GHS HazCom standard requires employers to train their workers on how to read chemical labels and follow appropriate handling procedures.

While many entities offer HazCom GHS Standard training, Salvation Safety simplifies the process of educating your staff by providing on-site courses. We want to ensure that all applicable workers receive hazard communication and GHS training, which is why we remove potential barriers that may impede your ability to deliver this education.

Our on-site approach eliminates the need to pay for travel, per diem expenses, hotel fees, or other expenses. Cumulatively this makes the HazCom GHS training more affordable and accessible while also reducing your overall cost. Schedule Your On-Site HazCom/GHS Training with Salvation Safety today.

Upon completing Salvation Safety’s program, your staff members will complete a written, multiple-choice exam, and they will receive a fall protection certification after passing the assessment.

Contact our professionals today if you would like to learn more about the importance of fall protection training or are ready to schedule your on-site session with Salvation Safety. We look forward to serving you and helping you create a safer environment for your most valuable resource, your staff.

About Power Generation HazCom/GHS Training

In order to communicate the importance of HazCom GHS training, we have outlined some key information about the GHS Hazard Communication Standard below:

  • Who Is Covered by HazCom?

    OSHA’s GHS HazCom Standard is broad in scope and applies to many different industries. Some of the most common examples include the power generation, shipyard, construction, marine, and general industry sectors.

    Any employees working within these industries must receive HazCom training if they have the potential to interact with dangerous chemicals.

    Employers operating within any covered industry must also adhere to the additional requirements of GHS HazCom outlined above. Failing to comply with GHS HazCom can expose the organization to fines and substantial civil liability.

    More importantly, undertraining employees can lead to serious workplace injuries or even death. Therefore, all impacted businesses must train their staff on GHS HazCom before employees begin working with hazardous chemicals.

  • How Often Is HazCom Training Needed?

    Unlike many other OSHA standards, the HazCom GHS provision does not require employers to provide staff with annual refresher training.

    Employers are only mandated to provide training before staff members undertake an assignment that requires them to handle potentially hazardous chemicals. However, there is one significant exception.

    If your facility introduces a chemical that presents new hazards, you must provide additional HazCom training.

    For instance, if your company begins using a new curing agent that potentially increases an employee’s risk of cancer and they have never encountered such a hazard before, then another HazCom training session must be provided.

  • What Are OSHA Requirements for HazCom/GHS Training?

    Due to the wide range of chemicals that may be used in an industrial setting, OSHA’s HazCom GHS training requirements are quite broad. When providing staff with training, employers must cover several key topics, including:

    • Detecting the presence of hazardous chemicals

    • Physical health hazards, such as burns or asphyxiation

    • Protective measures employees must take to mitigate the risk of injury

    • Information regarding the employer’s hazard communication program

  • In addition, the HazCom GHS training must address scenarios in which employees will need to reference SDSs or chemical labels during the course of their duties.

    In order to ensure that your HazCom GHS training covers all requisite material, you should partner with an experienced compliance team like Salvation Safety. Contact our team today to schedule your on-site HazCom GHS training course.

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