Fall Protection Training
for the Power Generation Sector

As a division of Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc. (AOTC), Salvation Safety is proud to be the #1 trusted on-site health and safety services provider in the Sunshine State. Our team of dedicated professionals provides a variety of training solutions to entities operating within the power generation sector.

Our comprehensive approach to providing experience-based consultation and systematically identifying organizational safety risks allows us to address threats to business continuity proactively.

While abundant risks are present within the power generation sector, falls are one of the most common. In order to help our clients mitigate these risks, we offer OSHA-certified fall protection training. This on-site training will equip employees to operate at elevated positions and identify common fall hazards safely.

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On-Site, OSHA-Certified Fall Protection Training

OSHA-Certified Fall Protection TrainingSalvation Safety provides on-site OSHA fall protection training designed to raise awareness of the hazards associated with working at elevation. Our experts will educate your personnel on identifying and evaluating fall hazards, using scaffolding, stabilizing ladders, etc.

In addition, the Salvation Safety fall protection training program will discuss the proper use of personal fall arrest systems (PFAS).

Our on-site program meets OSHA’s hands-on and classroom-based training requirements. Not only does our program help you ensure that your organization is compliant with OSHA regulations, but it will also enhance overall workplace safety.

Implementing a fall protection training program is essential to preventing fall-related injuries and reducing civil liability.

Upon completing Salvation Safety’s program, your staff members will complete a written, multiple-choice exam, and they will receive a fall protection certification after passing the assessment.

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Fall Protection Training FAQs

  • What Is Fall Protection Training?

    Salvation Safety’s fall protection training is a comprehensive, on-site solution designed to educate and inform your employees about the dangers of working in elevated positions.

    While our program is OSHA-certified, we can tailor our sessions based on your organization’s unique needs. Our instructors convey OSHA-approved material and leverage their personal industry experience to improve compliance across your organization.

    After completing our training program, employees will be able to recognize potential fall hazards and mitigate those risks by utilizing proven best practices. As part of our training, Salvation Safety will also instruct employees on the use of fall arrest systems and other safety devices.

  • Does OSHA Require Fall Protection Training?

    Yes, OSHA requires that employees receive formal fall protection training prior to being exposed to fall hazards. This training must address the use of personal fall arrest systems or other safety equipment.

    Specifically, the fall protection training should cover how to properly connect to, anchor, or tie-off to fall arrest devices. Employees must also be trained on inspecting and storing any fall safety equipment.

    Failing to provide trainees with approved fall safety training before exposing them to potential hazards can lead to significant civil liability for employers. In addition, lax safety practices can place employees in danger of great bodily harm or fatal injury.

    Therefore, power generation entities must properly train all staff members that will be required to work in elevated positions.

  • How Long Is Fall Protection Training Good For? Does It Expire?

    Typically, OSHA fall protection training certificates are valid for 3 years. After that time period, employees must recertify. Organizations often require their employees to recertify at shorter intervals to avoid a lapse in certification. For instance, companies may provide employees with fall protection training annually or every other year.

  • How Often Is Fall Protection Training Required?

    Fall protection training is required every three years, at a minimum. Even if employers adhere to OSHA’s three-year training cycle requirements, it is good practice to provide staff with refresher fall protection training between certifications. These refreshers can remind employees of fall protection best practices and reinforce positive safety habits.

    Due to the substantial risk for injury associated with working at elevated positions, fall safety should never be taken lightly. Salvation Safety’s on-site services allow your organization to minimize the logistical challenges of providing regular fall protection training while also optimizing the safety of your staff.

    Our experienced, licensed instructors respond to your facility and provide all training materials necessary to maximize information retention.

  • Who Can Give Fall Protection Training?

    General employees can receive fall protection from a “competent person.” According to OSHA, a competent person is an individual that has obtained the proper certification by completing an approved training program. Alternatively, an employee that has acquired significant subject matter experience may be classified as a competent person.

    Salvation Safety provides both standard fall protection training and competent person certification training courses. If your staff does not currently include a certified competent person, our on-site solutions can help you remedy this potential workplace safety shortcoming.

  • What Are the Training Requirements for Competent Person for Fall Protection?

    During a fall protection safety course, a competent person will be trained on the proper use, inspection, maintenance, and storage of fall arrest systems. In addition, the competent person will be taught how to identify and mitigate workplace fall hazards.

    Competent persons are tasked with correcting unsafe workplace conditions and are capable of closing down job sites so that safety hazards can be remedied.

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